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Proposal Palace removes the burden from your internal teams by comprehensively managing projects from RFP receipt to proposal submission. We leverage our proven methodology to deliver winning results.


Looking for support outside of RFPs? Want a killer PowerPoint presentation to wow a prospective buyer? Need a tailored document created to showcase your company and your solutions? Proposal Palace has you covered throughout the sales cycle from initial engagement with your prospect to closing the deal. We work with you to create custom sales decks; collateral, including white papers, sales slicks, standard proposals, solution overviews, etc.; and more. Provide tailored, strategic material that keep you and your offering top of mind with your prospects.


Have your teams been sifting through old RFP responses, disparate systems, desktop folders, and more to cobble proposals together? A key to consistent, accurate, efficient messaging is a dedicated RFP response repository, which acts as a single source of truth when it comes to crafting compelling, winning proposals. Proposal Palace removes the guesswork by consolidating vetted, approved content and responses into a single repository for quick answers to RFP, and even general, questions from prospects.


To answer, or not to answer, the RFP…that is the question. Are you pursuing the most optimal opportunities for success? Companies seeing the best results from RFP participation are those who avoid a throw spaghetti at the wall and hope it sticks approach. The chances of securing business through a blind or unqualified RFP process are slim. Proposal Palace collaborates with and guides your team to create a qualification matrix that ensures you are pursuing the deals that will yield the most successful outcome for your enterprise. We can provide alternative approaches, including decline to participate letters, solution overviews, and more, for scenarios that result in a no-bid decision.


Want to get ahead of the competition before your prospect formally issues an RFP? Proposal Palace collaborates with your teams to craft an RFP template that strategically positions your business above industry competitors. Armed with this tactic, your sales professionals can significantly influence the questions presented in a prospect’s RFP and, more importantly, the prospect’s vendor decision.


Considering building an internal proposal operations team now or in the future? Rely on Proposal Palace to guide you with best practices, general consulting, and training around developing a killer proposal management division. We build out the framework and processes so your teams don’t have to. We can also participate in candidate evaluations and interviews and offer feedback, ensuring you stack your proposal operations team with the best of the best.

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