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Benefits and Value of Partnering with Proposal Palace

Most organizations know that responding to RFPs, and managing proposal operations in general, is a necessary evil. It’s something the company must do to win new business and retain existing customers; however, it can be costly and time consuming. By partnering with Proposal Palace as an outsourced consulting agency, businesses benefit in a variety of ways:


Save Time, Costs, and Resources


With Proposal Palace, you have access to on-demand, cost-effective support. Retaining a team of full-time proposal managers in anticipation of RFPs is not a financially viable option for most organizations, as you carry the financial burden – across salary, healthcare benefits, the employer portion of Social Security and Medicare tax, state and federal unemployment tax, Workers’ Compensation insurance, sick leave, vacation, and various other miscellaneous expenses – that accompanies each full-time associate. With Proposal Palace, you pay a fixed one-time, per-month, per-hour, or per-down-selected-proposal rate – whichever structure is best for your company – without any of the additional costs, allowing you control spend and save significantly.   


Improve your Success Rate


Proposal Palace maintains a 90 percent success rate when it comes to proposal shortlisting. That means that almost every RFP response we submit results in advancement in the sales cycle – putting  you one giant step closer to the win. We have the tools and strategies to appropriately qualify opportunities, develop win themes, efficiently manage the proposal process, and drive revenue for your enterprise.


Have Direct Access to a Proven Professional


Proposal Palace CEO, Kelly Allen, has nearly 10 years of experience in proposal operations, supporting businesses across a variety of industries who deliver services throughout all sectors. She has led projects for all company sizes, both globally and nationally. Kelly is an expert in understanding an organization’s challenges and developing a solution strategy – from building an entire proposal operations infrastructure, to managing individual projects, to delivering general sales support, and more. With Proposal Palace, and Kelly at the helm of the operation, you can count on a winning strategy framework.

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